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5 Reasons Why Corporate Rentals > Hotels

February 22, 2017

Staying at a hotel for an extended stay can get expensive. Trinity offers a solution: corporate rentals with flexible lease terms from 1 to 3 to 6 month leases in San Francisco. Check out 5 reasons why Trinity corporate rentals are a better option for you than hotels.


You Can Cook a Meal

1188 Mission at Trinity Place Apartments - Cuisine classique

Wine glasses, stove top, full size fridge, chef’s knives all included

During your extended stay, dining out can get expensive. Skip the restaurant, save some cash, and cook at home. Foodies welcomed.


You Can Save Some Cash

 giphy (6)

Be like Donald Duck and count your savings. With daily hotel rates up to $300+, staying at a hotel in San Francisco for an extended stay isn’t so wallet-friendly.


Short Commute to Financial District. Really Short.

Muni BART station 33 8th

Not only are we just one stop away from the Financial District (a 3 min ride) but we’re also just two blocks from tech hubs such as Twitter, Uber, Square, and Dolby.


Feels Like Home


Why feel like a guest when you can feel at home? Avoid the busy lobby of a hotel, guests checking in and out, and feel at home with your apartment.


Coffee, Beer, Museums and groceries are all walking distance

Henrik Kam

SF Moma is on 3rd street. You’re on 8th.

Every craving served. Just outside your apartment.


Interested in corporate rentals? Contact our Business Development Manager, Sean Claybaugh at

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