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Employee Spotlight: Mabel Wong, Leasing Agent for the Bay Portfolio

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mabel for a very long time.   She was extremely helpful to me when I was a newbie and am very grateful that Mabel took me under her wing.  She constantly goes above and beyond for her colleagues, residents, and vendors.” –Rosa A.

“Mabel is an expert in her market who goes the extra mile to provide a great experience for her customers. She is a great listener who identifies what is most important to a prospect and matches them with their ideal Trinity apartment. Mabel is kind, patient, and quick to share a laugh in the office. She has a deep knowledge of Trinity and does a wonderful job of helping new employees get up to speed. And yes, she’s got a knack for picking the best lunch spots in the City!”  –Sean H.

“She totally deserves this! Mabel has a consistently positive and energetic personality. She has a vast knowledge of the process and properties that is always at the ready to help team members or residents. Of course, Mabel will not hesitate to feed You….” –Noah Y.

The most outstanding characteristics about Mabel are that she is loyal, and she cares.  She is always willing to help and train new employees so that they have the best experience with Trinity right from the start, and she can be counted on to put her full attention on every person she interacts with from co-workers to prospects to a long-time resident. Mabel is usually happy and enthusiastic in the office, and she always makes sure everyone is fed a good lunch!” –Bianca S.

“Mabel is Awesome!! She will go above and beyond to make sure new employees are trained correctly. Always willing to share her vast knowledge about Trinity’s practices and procedures. She will never hesitate to lend a hand or help any tenant, coworker, or vendor. She deserves this!” –Noah A