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Yelper Andrea H.

5 Things To Do in North Beach

August 13, 2018

So you’re interested in moving to the North Beach neighborhood and have heard it’s awesome but you’re not 100% sure of where to go. No need to fret! We got you covered with a whole day’s worth of activities. This is one of San Francisco’s most historic, tastiest, and most fun neighborhoods. Here’s our itinerary, let us know if we missed anything:


 10 am: Coffee

Photo of Hole in the Wall Coffee

Yelper Rudy H.

(0.2 miles from 350 Union Apartments)

There’s an amazing hole in the wall coffee shop literally called “Hole in the Wall Coffee.” You won’t be disappointed. Very instagrammable.

Yelp score: 4.5 Stars


10:30 am: Brunch at Mama’s

brunch at mama's sf

Yelper Anna F.

(0.3 miles from 350 Union Apartments)

Make sure you have some anti-hangry treats as you wait in line. There will be a line. A long line. But it will be worth it.

Recommend: Washington Square omelet. Spicy Italian Sausage, bell pepper, tomatoes, and hot pepper jack cheese.  Yes, please.


 Noonish: Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Yelper Andrea H.

(0.3 miles from 350 Union Apartments)

The perfect place to people watch while you have a food coma. Bring a picnic blanket and enjoy.

3:30 pm: Lunch at Golden Boy Pizza

golden boy pizza

Yelper Will M., Cheese, Garlic & Clams

(0.2 miles from 350 Union Apartments)

So you’re hungry again. And a slice of pizza sounds heavenly. Head on over to North Beach’s best, Golden Boy. You’ve probably seen a long line outside on Green Street during the weekends. Golden Boy Pizza is why.

Yelp score: 4.5 Stars


5:30 pm: Catch the sunset

calhoun terrace

Imagine this view at sunset

(Steps from 350 Union Apartments)

Just a few feet from 350 Union, you’ll find one of the best views of the San Francisco Bay from Calhoun Terrace. It is a residential area, so remember to remain respectful of the neighbors. Another good vista point is Alta Street, just off of Montgomery Street.


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