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5 Things to look for in a New Apartment (that you may not be thinking about)

March 10, 2015

Rent. Neighborhood. Views. If you’re looking for a new apartment in The City, you probably have the usual considerations in mind. But our experience has taught us that other things can really impact your quality of life and the way you enjoy an apartment. Here are five other things you might want to add to your new apartment wish list


Even the dreamiest apartment can turn into a nightmare if a clogged toilet doesn’t get fixed quickly! A professionally managed building makes all the difference when it comes to comfortable living. Trinity is a company that has a long standing history and experience synonymous with dedication. These attributes are key, so make sure you’re dealing with courteous, professional personnel and not a “mom and pop”.


A smartly conceived layout is the key to a functional, livable space. Functionality doesn’t necessarily mean spacious—everyone has their own preferences when it comes to square footage. Having your bedroom or a home office located just where you want it, is what makes a well-designed apartment work.


We accumulate a lot of stuff in our lifetimes and we need a big enough space to store it all. Check out an apartment’s shelving and closet spaces to see if there’s enough room for your belongings. For example, be sure to inquire about storage units available on site. Some apartments have lockers in their basements where you can store extra things.


You’re a busy person and you’ve got places to be and people to see! While our city may be relatively small, proximity to public transport is still a must. Being near a MUNI station is ideal but of course it’s not always possible. If you like to cycle, look for bike lanes near you. Consider your closeness to shops, grocery stores, doctors, libraries and other necessities, all of which make up your neighborhood’s walkability score. You can check out your area’s score here.


Depending on what you’re looking for, a building’s amenities can make or break a deal. Whether it’s a pool for avid swimmers, a gym for those who take fitness seriously or a rooftop terrace for individuals who enjoy holding functions, make sure your apartment has what you’re looking for. And be honest with yourself: you make like the idea of a gym, but will you really use it?

We hope this article helps you with your search. Happy Hunting!

Do you have any pro tips on what to look for when searching for an apartment? Let us know on our Facebook page, and of course, if you need help finding an apartment, contact us here.


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