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Blog   »   A Brand New Day: Trinity refreshes its look

A Brand New Day:
Trinity refreshes its look

February 17, 2015

Even classic brands need a refresh once in a while, if only to keep up with the times. As Trinity founder Angelo Sangiacomo recently mentioned in an interview, the company he founded in the fifties has gone through a bit of a rebranding effort recently. Here’s what’s new:

Trinity’s Mission
Successful organizations are built on vision and a plan to get there. At Trinity, we’ve summed up our effort in a new mission statement:

Every day, we work to earn the love and respect of our residents, our tenants, our City and, most importantly, one another by:

  • Developing beautiful buildings that people admire.
  • Offering properties in diverse and attractive locations.
  • Providing well designed and well maintained spaces.
  • Striving to deliver great customer care consistently.
  • Partnering with individuals and organizations who share our values.

Earning love and respect may sound pretty touchy-feely for a builder, but it’s absolutely true to the values of our company. As a local, family business committed to success of The City and to the many people who make it great, love is at the heart of everything we do and aspire to be. It’s one of the reasons we try so hard to develop beautiful buildings and to support charitable causes through our foundation.

A lovely new look

With love so much on the brain, is it any wonder that Trinity’s new look – by way of a spruced up logo and images – features so many hearts, the familiar family home logo and the color red? This new look tries to express who we are as a company and the authentic, optimistic, diverse, soulful and irrepressible beauty of this place we call home.

Renting made easy

Trinity also has a new slogan: Renting made easy. In a way, it’s a mission statement of its own because it’s all about delivering a customer experience our residents will love.

Renting made easy means that we’ll go out of our way to make the apartment hunting and renting experience a great one for you. It means that we make sure our representatives are knowledgeable, courteous and committed to helping you find a great place in a great neighborhood in this very great city. And it means that when you move in, you’ll enjoy a, clean, comfortable and professionally-managed apartment.

If that all sounds good to you, then be sure to browse through our selection of apartments – or just call us to find a fantastic fit.

Thanks for your interest in Trinity!

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