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The Board Opens Near Trinity Place Apartments

February 12, 2018

Roll into The Board, located at 1077 Mission Street, a new sandwich shop in SoMa serving cheesesteaks, Chicago-style hot dogs, and breakfast sandwiches. If you’ve seen people walking around 6th and 7th looking extremely content and in a food coma, this is why.

San Francisco is already home to a few special sandwich shops, Ike’s and Morty’s come to mind, but The Board offers something different. Owner Adam Mesnick experiments daily, creating different permutations of sandwiches, from the Walowitz (hot dog, pastrami, cheese & cole slaw) to the BK (fried eggs, sausage, bacon & cheese). Though always different, it is always delicious.

The Board Cheesesteak, their most popular sandwich, is the only permanent sandwich on the menu and a great place to start. Pair that with waffle fries, which come with a jalapeno thousand-island sauce, and a Mexican Coke, and you got yourself a meal.

To add to The Board’s legend are their very own hot sauces which you can buy and take home.

And if you’re looking for something lighter, falafel and tuna sandwiches are also available.

The Board is the sister restaurant of The Deli Board on Folsom Street and is just a block from Trinity Place Apartments. Grab a sandwich today and head on over to Trinity Place’s one-acre courtyard, Piazza Angelo, for an enjoyable San Francisco afternoon.

Hours:  Monday-Friday, 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. No phone or group orders. Must be present to order.

After The Board, head on over to Saint Frank Coffee to help you recover from your food coma.

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