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Craigslist SF Apartments vs Trinity Apartments

May 29, 2018
Craigslist is a very popular resource for folks looking to rent, it has a large inventory as both small private owners and large property management companies list their apartments on Craigslist. And it is also very easy to use. But…there’s the risk of getting scammed…we’ve all heard the stories. Craigslist is not to blame of course, but it is unfortunately abused by some.
Below are a few scenarios to keep an eye out for:


 1. The too good to be true scenario: a 2 bedroom in Pac Heights for the price of a studio and no deposit? Dream come true…until you reach out and are asked to hand over a deposit before seeing the apartment.


2. The I toured the apartment with someone who said they were the property owner. I was in the process of moving in when the real owner stopped by… is another scary example.


3. The Congratulations, the apartment is yours! Please move in by the end of the week. I can’t meet in person as I am currently traveling, so please deposit the first and last month’s rent at this account number: *********911 is just not cool.


There are more unfortunate scenarios but fortunately, you can avoid those by renting with Trinity! With Trinity, you have a dedicated and honest leasing agent you can meet with face to face, go over what you’re looking for in a home, and set up a time to view an apartment.
We have a little bit of everything too, from a Victorian-style apartment in Pac Heights to high-rises in SoMa. Even flexible lease terms are offered, if you’re looking to stay for just over 30 days.


Call us today at 415-433-3333 or click San Francisco Apartments up top to start your search!
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