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How to Find an Apartment in San Francisco

January 30, 2018

So you’re moving to San Francisco! That is awesome news. You can now wake up Saturday morning, head to the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building, grab some coffee, and enjoy the view of the San Francisco Bay. But…you have to find an apartment first. And that can be stressful. And time-consuming. Below is a guide on how and where to look for an apartment in San Francisco!

Where to Start Your Search?

You’ll most likely start your search online. You might Google “apartments in San Francisco” and see what pops up. Or, you might start your search on Zillow or Both are great places to start your search and get an idea of where rents are starting and what’s available. But to list apartments on Zillow or an, apartment owners have to pay. That deters some small private owners, which is why you won’t see too many Victorians or smaller buildings on Zillow or

“Okay, so if Zillow and don’t have the inventory I’m looking for, where should I look for apartments?”

That might encourage you to stop by Craigslist and find what you’re looking for there. Craigslist’s inventory is large. Both small private owners and large property management companies list on Craigslist because it’s free and easy.

But…there’s the risk of potential renters getting scammed. We’ve all heard the story, you start your search and see “Beautiful Apartment in Favorite Neighborhood at Very Affordable Price!!” and instantly become interested. You contact the property manager. He or she says they’d love for you to rent with them but can’t meet you in person because he or she broke their leg hiking in the Himalayas. So they ask you to send a MoneyGram… tomorrow…

350 union view of north beach

View from Telegraph Hill Apartments

“Okay, if Craigslist is a great resource but there’s the risk of getting scammed, where should I look? I’m already a bit fatigued with my search.”

Trinity. You don’t have to worry about getting scammed and we offer a little bit of everything, from a Victorian-style apartment in Pac Heights to high-rises in SoMa. And we’re in several San Francisco neighborhoods: North Beach, Noe Valley, Russian Hill, Castro, and more. Even flexible lease terms are offered if you’re looking to stay for less than a year (or more!).

Find out more at today!



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    33 8th in SoMa
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    2140 Taylor in North Beach
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    240 Dolores in the Castro
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    1000 Chestnut in Russian Hill
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    1550 Bay in the Marina
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