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Blog   »   A Close Look at Venus, The Tallest Sculpture in San Francisco

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    Venus from the 3rd Floor Facing Southeast
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    Venus from the 6th Floor Facing South
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    20-seat Carrara Marble Table with "Ripple"
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    Close up of the "Ripple"
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    8,0000 Pound Illuminated Bollard
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    Venus from the 3rd Floor Facing East
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    Venus from the 6th Floor Facing East
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    Venus from the 3rd Floor Facing South
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    Venus from the Ground Floor
  • slide 10
    Venus from the 12th Floor Facing East
  • slide 11
    Venus from the 15th Floor Facing Southeast
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    Venus under the stars

A Close Look at Venus, The Tallest Sculpture in San Francisco

September 21, 2017

Venus is artist Lawrence Argent’s interpretation of the classic Venus de Milo sculpture and reigns as the centerpiece of Piazza Angelo, the courtyard at Trinity Place. At 92 feet, she is the tallest sculpture in San Francisco.

There are 18 art elements at Piazza Angelo, of which include a 20-seat Carrara marble table and custom-designed seven-foot glass bollards with illuminated hollow centers. To give the table “movement” and create the sense of gathering at a friend’s home, Argent added a “ripple” along the marble table top, creating the impression of a large tablecloth naturally creased in the center.

The collection in its entirety is entitled C’era Una Volta—“Once Upon A Time”.

“The gift that Angelo (Trinity’s late founder) has given the city is the experience of art. It is not a decoration. It’s a place, a space that people can come and enjoy a respite from the bedlam of the city. That is what is magical,” shares Argent.

Argent also designed a mosaic path that is nearly 50 yards long and artfully rendered to reveal a new view with every step. It will extend into the sidewalk on Market Street upon completion, inviting pedestrians into the piazza.

Fun facts:

  • Venus is slightly shorter than the Statue of Liberty’s 111.5 feet measured from heel to crown.
  • The decorative bollards weigh 8,000 pounds each.
  • Venus is made of stainless steel sections welded together by many skilled artisans using a highly specialized technique that renders all seams undetectable.

The Piazza is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm and is located in the heart of Trinity Place on 8th street between Market and Mission streets. Plus, check out Trinity Place residents and their selfies with Venus 🙂

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