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SoMa Neighborhood Buzz: Drip Coffee

April 19, 2017

We all know what we need first in the morning, a good warm cup of joe. Without it, things just don’t make sense! You can find that rich aroma near Trinity Place, as it is literally surrounded by the best coffee shops in San Francisco.  There are many and you can almost not go wrong with whatever you go with but here are  3 coffee shops to start with! Tip: we recommend not going to all 3 in one day.


Blue Bottle (0.2 miles Trinity Place)

Blue Bottle Coffee

Yelper Bryan D.

Located off Market on 11th street and just outside the Twitter building, Blue Bottle is one of the absolute best in San Francisco. Blue Bottle only sells coffee that is 48 hours out of the roaster, so it is guaranteed fresh and you can definitely taste it. Drinks are made as they’re ordered so it is a bit of a wait but trust us, it is worth it.

Recommend: New Orleans iced coffee.

Tip: Very much a grab and go spot as there is no seating.


Philz Coffee (0.4 miles Trinity Place)

Mint Mojito Coffee

Yelper Daniel C.

Philz was started in the Mission District of San Francisco and now has dozens of stores in the Bay Area. “The Mint Mojito iced coffee is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted–the perfect combination of sweet, creamy, and minty!” shares Yelper Liz S.

Recommend: the Mint Mojito of course, iced and refreshing.

Tip: Drip coffee only, no espresso menu.


Sight Glass (0.7 miles Trinity Place)

Sight Glass Coffee

Yelper Hurjane V.

What we love about Sight Glass on 7th street, is the space. Sprawling and two floors, this location is home to many meetups and meetings throughout the day. Grab a cup, read a book or pop open your laptop.

Recommend: Vanilla cold brew.

Looking to move to San Francisco? Trinity Place is near everything, from coffee shops to public trans and  The Orpheum theater on 8th and Market Street.


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