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Sunday Streets

Sunday Streets Kicks Off This Sunday, March 11

March 7, 2018

Sunday Streets kicks off this Sunday in the Mission! From Duboce Ave to 26th street, Valencia Street will transform into a car-free area where walking, bicycling, and even tight roping is encouraged.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Sunday Streets is a series of free and almost monthly events. It is organized by Livable City, a non-profit dedicated to making San Francisco a safer, healthier and more accessible city. And, with live music, magic tricks, and so much more, how can you not be out and about at Sunday Streets. Not to mention the long list of diverse and delicious food on Valencia Street.

Each Sunday Streets takes place in a different neighborhood, so if you haven’t ventured outside of your neighborhood, Sunday Streets is a great opportunity! The next event will be in the Excelsior on 3/25.


Time: 11 am to 4 pm

Getting there:

Muni: J line on Church stops at 18th street

BART: 16th Street Station or 24th Street Station


Residents from 240 & 230 Dolores Apartments are just 2 blocks away!

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