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TV Shows Set in San Francisco

Jeff Howard February 1, 2021

Since we’ve already covered both the best books & movies that take place in SF, it’s only natural to take a look at some of the premier TV shows set in San Francisco! Filled with comedy, crime, drama, mystery, and plenty of family sitcoms, The City by the Bay has attracted various directors to film on location within SF’s great neighborhoods.

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Full House

For many, the first show that comes to mind when thinking of San Francisco is certainly Full House. The classic family comedy set in Pacific Heights follows a large and ever-growing family living together under one roof that can still be visited in SF today! Actors Bob Saget, Candace Cameron, Jodie Sweetin, John Stamos, and Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen have all received awards for their work on this 80s/90s favorite.


I bet you didn’t expect to find this one on the list? Two special effects experts created the wildly popular Discovery Channel show, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, who implement the scientific method to test the validity of rumors, myths, and stories that may not be true. Filmed on location, the Mythbusters workshop, M5 Industries, is located right here in The City within the Potrero Hill neighborhood.


Although Looking only ran for two seasons on HBO, the critically-acclaimed show was named one of the “100 Greatest TV shows of the 21st century” for its modern depiction of three different LGBTQ+ people living and loving in San Francisco. With scenes taking place across present-day San Francisco neighborhoods such as The Castro/Mission and SoMa, you’re bound to see shots of the very places you frequent!

That’s So Raven

A millennial favorite of many early 2000s teens, this supernatural sitcom won multiple children’s awards as the top Disney Channel show during its run. Centered around Raven Baxter and her family, you can visit the classic Victorian home used for the show in San Francisco’s famous Haight Ashbury neighborhood. The hippie community and culture were also a large part of the show, influencing the teenagers’ on-air behaviors and style.


Filled with conspiracy and the fear of germs, Monk may be the perfect show to watch during our current times. The comedy-drama follows the story of a former SFPD Detective, Adrian Monk, whose wife was killed and resulted in him having a nervous breakdown in which he could not leave his house. As Mr. Monk eventually departs his home, he has many adventures whilst being terrified of 312 different everyday things, namely germs and asymmetry.


Like Trinity, this supernatural fantasy drama uses the “power of 3,” with three powerful good witches using their abilities to fend off evil beings in modern-day San Francisco. Charmed has achieved quite the cult following during its 8-year run, receiving the title as one of the greatest Sci-Fi shows of all time. However, you will need to make a trip to Los Angeles if you’d like to visit the Victorian home this show used for filming.

Party of 5

San Francisco has no shortage of family TV shows, and no list would be complete without the Salingers from Party of Five. This Golden Globe-winning 90s drama features five orphaned siblings whose parents were killed by a drunk driver, and they’re left to grow up and run the family restaurant themselves. The family home, set in Pacific Heights, can be found just a few blocks from the 2000 Broadway apartments.

Murder in the First

If you’re looking for the ultimate crime drama set in your city, Murder in the First is sure to fit your needs. The three-season drama follows three separate murder cases each season while also developing a related backstory for the SFPD homicide investigators involved in each case.

Young & Hungry

Getting started in any big city can be challenging, especially for a brand-new food blogger hungry for their first challenge. Revolving around a feisty young chef (Emily Osment), a love story unfolds as she attempts to prove herself for a tech entrepreneur who needs a personal chef. A story truly made for San Francisco, the show features many scenarios only found in our city.

Suddenly Susan

Another 90s San Francisco sitcom available to watch online is NBC’s Suddenly Susan. After the magazine-editor protagonist leaves her vain and wealthy fiance at the altar, she is faced with all sorts of new situations now that she’s just “Susan.” A majority of the show focuses on her magazine’s interworkings run out of an old Chinatown warehouse.

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