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Marcell Puszar

SF Neighborhood Weather Guide

Jeff Howard August 14, 2019

With its crisp, foggy summers and moderate winters, San Francisco presents one of the unique urban climates in the world. However, many newcomers to The City do not realize the diversity of weather throughout each neighborhood of SF. Whether you’re spending the afternoon in The Marina, Sunset, or Mission, expect a drastic difference in the conditions outside! Take a look at our SF Neighborhood Weather Guide to learn what makes the most popular areas of San Francisco feel so different from one another.

Marina District

A lovely look at Fort Mason from 1550 Bay Street

Much like most of San Francisco, August and September are two of the most pleasant months in The Marina. With temperatures averaging in the low 70’s and storm clouds making way for sunny skies, late summer is a magnificent time to live in The Marina. With its nautical atmosphere and constant sea breeze, the weather will never get too hot in this part of SF. All you need for a fantastic day at Fort Mason or Crissy Field is food, friends, and maybe some cold drinks. Locals of the area can be found frequenting the grassy fields of Fort Mason every summer weekend just across the street from the Marina Cove Apartments. These fully-furnished and luxurious residences offer one of the finest living environments in the neighborhood.


A glimpse of Ocean Beach from Sutro Heights Park in Sea Cliff

San Francisco’s “Sunset District” encompasses the region to the south of Golden Gate Park while The Richmond is to the north. Together, these two neighborhoods each experience chilly sea breezes daily blowing east from Ocean Beach. While late summer is undoubtedly one of the warmest periods here, temperatures tend to fall quickly down to the 50’s once the sun goes down. Sunny days at Sea Cliff or Ocean Beach are few and far between, but the views are phenomenal on a clear day. If you head further east towards the Inner Sunset or Inner Richmond closer to downtown, you will notice that the lack of ocean wind elevates temperatures. Residents of these areas know always to pack layers; even on a sunny day!


Mission Dolores Park provides an astonishing view of the downtown skyline

San Francisco’s hottest neighborhood is most definitely The Mission. SF has become notorious for its many “microclimates” that create varying temperatures in each part of The City, and The Mission is the biggest benefactor. Blocked by the 900 foot Twin Peaks to the west, The Mission experiences no ocean breeze with very little fog crossing over the peaks. Furthermore, the hot air from the Central Valley to the east pushes cold air out of the neighborhood, creating a pocket of clear skies and warmth. For this reason, The Mission and Dolores Park, in particular, have become the premier destination in San Francisco for daytime festivities.

Russian Hill

Panoramic views of The City and Greater Bay Area from the 1000 Chestnut Apartments

The steepest neighborhood in San Francisco presents phenomenal views while the high elevation can warrant high winds. This scenic section of The City enjoys superb parks and lookout points perfect for an afternoon picnic. Despite being a bit cooler than the flatter sections of San Francisco, the constant breeze allows for clear skies many days of the year once the fog burns off midday. Due to its many steep roads and walkways, this intimate and quiet area will have you grateful for the fresh ocean air that blows across Russian Hill. Luckily, there is currently availability in one of San Francisco’s picturesque apartment complexes atop Russian Hill. The fifteen-story 1000 Chestnut Apartments provide fully-furnished one, two, and three-bedroom apartments with windows facing many of San Francisco’s most iconic landmarks.

Pacific Heights

The 2200 Jackson Apartments offer a lovely peek at Alcatraz Island

Similar to Russian Hill, Pacific Heights often experiences foggy mornings with cloud cover giving way to sunny skies later in the day. Pacific Heights’ location next to The Marina and Russian Hill creates diversity in weather across the vast neighborhood so as always, pack layers! Although SF is “The Foggy City,” you will often find residents of Pacific Heights sunbathing at Alta Plaza or Lafayette Park. This historical region of San Francisco is home to many multi-generational San Franciscans along with newcomers finding their first apartment in The City. The 2000 Broadway, 1890 Clay, 2200 Jackson, and 2380 California apartments each have availability for any prospective residents.


The sightline from the 33 8th amenity lounge at Trinity Place leaves little to the imagination

Blocked by Twin Peaks to the east and The Financial District to the north, SoMa is one of the warmer areas of San Francisco. However, anyone who has been to a late-night Giants game in South Beach can certainly tell you that the weather significantly cools along the water. The wind is typically less of a factor in this region unless you choose to spend happy hour at one of the many local rooftop bars.  Additionally, residents around Trinity Place in SoMa have found that Piazza Angelo provides a peaceful oasis from the elements of The City. This one-acre piazza houses the tallest statue in San Francisco surrounded by the towering 1188 Mission, 1190 Mission, and 33 8th apartments.

North Beach

Crystal Tower in North Beach has decks with unique San Francisco views

San Francisco’s coastal region in the north section of The City is a prominent location for tourists looking to experience all the most popular attractions. Places such as Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf bring in thousands of visitors each day, and many don’t realize how cold the SF waterfront can be. For this reason, vendors can be spotted selling San Francisco sweatshirts to the many unprepared visitors to The City. Although early summer in North Beach can be a little chilly, foggy days will be rare in August and September with high temperatures dissipating the cold air. Anyone looking to call North Beach home should indeed venture over to the stunning Crystal Tower or Stockton Street apartments.

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